Hi, I'm Tara Everston.

Born amidst the Bronx's rhythm, I grew up drenched in creativity, carried by adventurous parents who moved us to Soho in 1980.

Surrounded by artistic spirits, my world ignited.

Soho's heartbeat pulsed through me, nurturing a love for art and exploration.

In '84, my parents stepped onto Prince Street's stage, opening a shoe store that laid the path for my retail journey.

Childhood and high school unfolded behind counters and shelves, shaping my retail DNA.

College ushered in fine art and photography, as New York's vibrant essence colored my canvas.

2018 marked the birth
of Starlin NYC

Then '99 arrived, a year of revelation. Combining creative flair and retail insight, my first store emerged, blending artistry and commerce.

Decades later, I wove spaces that breathed designer stories, a symphony of curated vision.

But it was 2015 that whispered destiny. Jewelry's allure captivated me, harmonizing art and emotion.

Jewelry became my language, and in every piece, a tale unfurled.

A symphony continued. My adoration for NYC wove into clothing, a collage of the city's soul.

2018 marked the birth of Starlin NYC, a haven where street art meets global flair, vintage whispers echo, and a New Yorker's vision finds life.

Starlin NYC isn't just adornment; it's a stance. Every piece, every gem, weaves our journey, a testament to grit and creative vigor.

We aren't just jewelry; we're empowerment, a nod to self-love and the boss within.